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20 Minute Panko-Crusted Rockfish Fillets

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Panko-crusted rockfish fillets are oven-fried to a golden brown with a light, crispy crunch. Their mild fish flavor and parmesan panko coating mean these rockfish fillets are an easy option to enjoy for dinner. Serve this easy rockfish recipe as the main course in fish tacos, fish sandwiches, or even fish and chips. Read up on my tips and tricks below, then try your hand at making them for yourself. Ready in 20 minutes!

Two pieces of panko crusted rockfish and a green salad on a gray plate.

An Easy Rockfish Recipe

There is something so satisfying about biting into a piece of perfectly crispy fried fish hot from the oven. Especially when it’s a piece of this panko-crusted oven-fried rockfish.

We start with rockfish, a mild-flavored fish with a firm but tender texture that melts in your mouth. Wrapping it up in a panko parmesan coating, we oven-fry the breaded white fish for a perfectly golden crunch that satisfies even the pickiest of palates.

The genius in this recipe lies in the art of shallow pan frying in the oven. Say goodbye to excessive oil usage and greasy stovetop mishaps. This method ensures a better alternative to deep frying without compromising on taste or texture. It’s one of my favorite quick and easy dinners, and it makes for the perfect weeknight meal.

Perfecting these breaded rockfish fillets took some trial and effort, but based on reader reviews and comments, they agree that it’s the best of the best rockfish recipe.

An overhead view of the dredging station for panko rockfish. Plates with seasoned flour, egg wash, and panko parmesan breading.

What You’ll Need

These panko-crusted fillets are made in four simple steps. You’ll need rockfish fillets and a few pantry staples to put together this dinner recipe with rockfish.

  • Rockfish fillets – Cut larger fillets in half to make them easier to handle.
  • Neutral oil for frying – Skip the extra virgin olive oil and grab an oil made for high-heat cooking. My go-to is avocado oil.
  • All-purpose flour – This creates the base layer in our dredge that allows the panko to stick.
  • Egg and milk – Combined to make the egg wash, this is the sticky layer between the flour dredge and the panko crust.
  • Panko breadcrumbs – The larger crumb size makes for a crispier, crunchier coating.
  • Parmesan cheese – The not-so-secret ingredient in my panko crust, it adds the flavor that makes this fish irresistible.
  • Old Bay seasoning – A one-stop spice blend, it’s a tasty compliment to rockfish and many other kinds of seafood.
  • Kosher salt and black pepper – Adjust for taste as desired.

Featured Ingredient: Rockfish – A Common Whitefish

For this recipe, I recommend rockfish, which is a blanket term covering many different species of white fish – more than 60 of which can be legally sold under the name rockfish – that all tend to lurk among the rocky reefs near the bottom of the ocean. It is widely available at local grocery stores, and usually, it’s fairly inexpensive to buy.

Depending on where you live, this fish can be called striped bass, pacific red snapper, rock cod, ocean perch, or sea perch. While that can make fish buying confusing for many of us, let’s focus less on the name and more on what we are looking for in a fish fillet.

Most importantly, we are looking for white fish fillets with a light, flaky texture and mild fish flavor that measure around 1″ thick at their thickest point. If you cannot find something labeled as rockfish, my standard substitutes are other types of whitefish like cod, tilapia, catfish, or halibut.

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How to Make Crispy Panko-Crusted Rockfish in the Oven

While getting this recipe just right took a few trials and a few errors on my part, my exhaustive testing has resulted in an easy-to-make rockfish recipe. The fish filets cook up in about 6 – 8 minutes, making it a great option for a busy weekday evening.

  • Grab your kitchen tools, place a large oven-safe skillet into the oven and preheat to 425ºF.
  • Prepare the fish. Check the fish fillets for any bones, removing them as necessary, then slice the fish fillets in half for easier handling.
  • Set up your dredging assembly line. In a large bowl, combine together the flour, salt, and pepper. Stir, then pour onto a large clean plate. In the same bowl, combine together the panko, seasoning blend, and parmesan cheese. Stir together, then pour onto a large clean plate. Wipe out the bowl, then use it again to whisk together the egg and milk.
  • Dredge the fish first in the seasoned flour, making sure the surface of the fish is evenly coated, brushing off any excess. Next, dip the fish into the egg mixture, again ensuring the surface is evenly coated, allowing any excess to drip off. Finally, coat the fish in the panko mixture, pressing gently to ensure the panko sticks and shaking off any excess.
  • Rest the breadcrumb-covered fish fillets on a clean plate for a minute or two, giving the panko time to adhere better. Repeat with each piece of the fish until they are all ready to be fried.
  • Set up a draining station by placing a metal cooling rack over a couple of layers of paper towels. Place your salt cellar close at hand so that you can season the fish as soon as it comes out of the oil.
  • Oven fry the breaded rockfish fillets. Without removing it from the oven, add two tablespoons of oil to the preheated pan. Close the oven door and let it heat for one minute, then carefully add the panko-crusted fillets to the hot oil. Close the door and let them cook in the oven for 3 – 4 minutes, then carefully flip them over using a spatula and tongs. Cook for an additional 3 – 4 minutes, then check with a meat thermometer for an internal temperature of at least 140ºF.
  • Carefully remove the fish from the pan, and place it on the cooling rack. Season with kosher salt as desired, then allow it to drain for 3 – 5 minutes before serving.

Check out this video for easy step-by-step directions

Featured Kitchen Skill: Oven Frying

The combination of a cast iron skillet and the oven was a game changer when developing this recipe. Similar to oven-baked salmon, cooking these rockfish fillets in the oven allows the trapped heat of the oven to cook the fillets very quickly. In this recipe, the addition of a small amount of oil helps create that perfect golden crust.

BONUS: the oven will contain all of the grease splatters, meaning less danger in the kitchen and less mess to clean up afterward.

Any time you oven fry, you must use an oven-safe pan, and both the oven and the pan must be preheated together. Even though we are cooking at 425ºF, ensure that your pan is oven-safe up to 450ºF to allow for temperature fluctuations.

I’ve had readers report success with stainless steel pans and even with a rimmed baking sheet, but the best results are with a cast iron skillet. My go-to pan is a 13 3/4″ skillet, but a 10″ skillet will get the job done if you are careful not to crowd the pan. Work in batches as needed.

Hot oil can be dangerous, so don’t forget to be mindful of kitchen safety. Not only can grease splatter, but the tender fish can break apart, making it easier to drop back into the hot oil. To prevent accidents, work with smaller pieces of fish and use both a spatula and a pair of tongs to gently turn the fillets.

Two pieces of panko crusted rockfish and a green salad on a gray plate next to two pieces of rockfish on a cooling rack.

Tips for Success

Here are a few extra tips to help you get these panko-crusted rockfish fillets on the table quickly.

  • The multiple steps of the dredging process are necessary to make it all stick, so don’t skip any of them. Wet won’t stick well to wet, and dry won’t stick well to dry. By building the coating using alternating layers of wet (fish), dry (flour), wet (egg), and dry (panko), we create a crust that won’t fall off before you can eat it.
  • When breading anything, use mise en place to set up a dredging station so that everything is ready to go before you get your hands dirty.
  • This fish cooks fast, so be sure to have your draining rack ready before the first piece of fish goes into the oven.

Serving Suggestions

Crispy, crunchy, golden brown panko-crusted rockfish fillets are sure to please the pickiest palates. Slather a soft roll with honey sriracha mayo to make a delicious fish sandwich, serve with your favorite fries for fish and chips, or swap them for the grilled fillets in these fish tacos. You also can’t go wrong with a squeeze of lemon juice and a simple salad, a side of asparagus, or green beans

Two pieces of panko crusted rockfish and a green salad on a gray plate in front of to two pieces of rockfish on a cooling rack.

How to Store and Reheat

Leftover fish fillets are best when stored in the freezer (up to 3 months), but can be kept in the fridge for a day or so. Freeze in a single layer on a baking sheet, then place in an airtight, freezer-safe container for storage. Whether refrigerated or frozen, reheat them in a 375ºF oven or air-fryer until they are hot through.

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Two pieces of panko crusted rockfish and a green salad on a gray plate.

20 Minute Panko-Crusted Rockfish Fillets

Panko-crusted rockfish fillets are oven fried to a golden brown with a light, crispy crunch. Their mild fish flavor and parmesan panko coating mean these rockfish fillets are an easy option to enjoy for dinner. Serve this easy rockfish recipe as the main course in fish tacos, fish sandwiches, or even fish and chips. Read up on my tips and tricks below, then try your hand at making them for yourself. Ready in 20 minutes!
4.6 stars (544 ratings)
prep: 10 minutes
cook: 8 minutes
total: 18 minutes
servings: 2 servings



  • 3/4 – 1 pound rockfish fillets* (about 2 fillets)
  • 2 tablespoons avocado oil or other neutral oil for frying

Flour Dredge

  • 1/3 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper

Egg Wash

  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons milk

Panko Crust

  • 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
  • 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning


  • Place a large oven-safe skillet into the oven and preheat to 425ºF.

Set up the dredging assembly line:

  • In a large bowl combine together the the flour, salt and pepper. Stir then pour onto a large plate.
  • In the same bowl combine together the panko, seasoning blend, and parmesan cheese. Stir then pour onto a large plate.
  • Wipe out the bowl, then use it again to whisk together the egg and milk.

Prep the fish:

  • Check the fish fillets for any bones and remove as necessary. Slice fish fillets into smaller pieces as desired.
  • Dredge fish first in the flour, brushing off any excess.
  • Dip fish into the egg mixture, allowing any excess to drip off.
  • Coat fish in the panko mixture, pressing lightly to adhere and shaking off any excess. Place fillets on a clean plate and allow to rest for 1 – 2 minutes so the panko can fully adhere. 

Fry the fish:

  • Set up a draining station for the freshly fried fish by placing a cooling rack over a couple of layers of paper towels. Put it in a convenient spot, so that you can move the cooked fish fillets directly from the oven to the draining station.
  • When the oven and frying pan are preheated, add the 2 tablespoons of oil to the hot pan. Allow to heat 1 minute. Carefully add fish fillets to the hot oil.
  • Cook in the oven for 3 – 4 minutes, then carefully flip over.
  • Cook an additional 3 – 4 minutes, then check with a meat thermometer for an internal temperature of at least 140 degrees.
  • Remove the fish from the pan and place on the cooling rack. Sprinkle with kosher salt if desired, then allow to drain 3 – 5 minutes before serving.

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*If your rockfish is thicker than 1″ at its thickest point, you’ll need to add an extra minute or two to the cooking time. 
To adapt for the air fryer:
Cut the oil from 2 TBSP to 2 tsp. Combine the oil with the panko parmesan mixture, stirring to ensure the oil is absorbed by the panko, then dredge as instructed. Air Fry at 400º until crispy, about 6 – 8 minutes, turning over halfway through the cooking time.


Serving: 1Calories: 455kcalCarbohydrates: 38gProtein: 36gFat: 17gSaturated Fat: 4gPolyunsaturated Fat: 11gCholesterol: 154mgSodium: 1415mgFiber: 2gSugar: 2g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated and is for general information purposes only. For the most accurate information, calculate using your select brands and exact measurements.

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  18. I air fry Pablo-crusted fish all of the time. I have a Breville Smart Oven (best kitchen tool ever) and it has a basket-like cookie sheet. Instead of adding oil to the breading, it’s much easier (and less calories) to use olive oil spray and lightly spray the fish before going into the air fryer. Also, no flipping required. Super fast, easy, delicious and low calorie to boot!

  19. So I followed this recipe, and I did enjoy it. Thank you. Just one thing though — I’m wondering why my fish didn’t come out crispy enough. I used a cast iron skillet, panko breadcrumbs, and I followed all the instructions with the dredging. How do I get a more crispy effect? Cook it longer? Broil it? I’m worried about overcooking the fish.

    • If you want it crispier without overcooking, you’ll have to increase the heat in your oven. When increasing heat, it’s even more important to make sure you are using an oil made for high heat. No EVOO! Go for a refined oil like coconut, avocado, or other vegetable oil.

      Questions: When we the last time you had the heat calibrated? Do you ever have to extend cooking times on other recipes? I’ve made this at my mom’s house once (in her brand new oven) and it totally flopped. Turns out her oven needed calibrated. Calibrations can slip over time and keep your oven from getting as hot as it used to.

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    • Hi Lori!

      Step 1 in the recipe card under the section titled “Fry the Fish”. I’ve copied it for you here:

      1. When the oven and frying pan are preheated, add the 2 tablespoons of oil to the hot pan. Allow to heat 1 minute. Carefully add fish fillets to the hot oil.

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    This is definitely a keeper recipe. Light and delicious filets made a perfect supper served with red cabbage slaw and Parmesan rice.

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    I fished this dish according to the recipe and it came out perfectly. I have been looking for a rock fish recipe like this for a long time. This one is great. The notes on the recipe were also very pertinent and helpful.

  28. This is a great recipe!! I’ve used it multiple times on the Black Rockfish we caught in Alaska this past summer. Do you have any Halibut recipes? Rockfish is almost gone, but we still have Halibut as I caught a 100# fish.


    • Colleen,

      I am so glad you’ve enjoyed it and am so jealous that you are able to get out and catch your own. I don’t have anything published for Halibut, but I do eat it all the time. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to work out the kinks and get my recipe posted before you work your way through that huge fish!


  29. I made this tonight and loved it! I went deep sea fishing with my dad and he went back to MN and left me with our full share each of RockFish. I typically don’t like overwhelming taste of fish when I eat fish (funny I know), and this recipe was perfect. It was light, not greasy or fat feeling, and the taste and crunch was perfect!

    Thanks again 🙂

  30. Question – Would you recommend making this ahead? We sometimes eat at different times, and if adult children could heat the pan/oven and cook refrigerated/uncooked portion we could all still enjoy freshly cooked entree.

    • Hi Kathy!
      You can make it in advance and then freeze or refrigerate the fully cooked extra portions for later.
      Reheat it in the oven at 375º, kind of like store bought frozen fish, for results that are pretty close to the texture you get when cooking them the first time. If memory serves, frozen fillets take about 10 – 15 minutes and refrigerated take about 8 – 10 minutes. Depending on the thickness of the fish it may take more/less time.

      I have not tried making it part way (through hand breading steps) then refrigerated the uncooked portions to be cooked later. I don’t think this would give the best results and may result in a soggy coating, but if you try it I would love to hear how it comes out.

      I hope this helps!


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    Fabulous recipe! I’m a BIG cast iron fan & it was perfect for this recipe. The outside was crispy golden brown & the inside was moist, tender, & flakey. The 2nd might we had yummy tacos with a light cole slaw & cubes of avocado…YES! I have made this recipe several times in the past 6 weeks because our fresh fish market has had fresh Rockfish on sale @ $4.99/lb. Unfortunately that sale ends next week.:( Thank you!

    • Annie, this makes me so happy!! I wish I could find a deal like that around here. When I say I could eat this multiple times a week, you now know just what I’m talking about. So glad it’s been consistently successful and your family enjoys it.

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    Thank you! Used Panko for many years, love the added touch of Parmesan-Reggiano, I used another
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    I do a couple things differently, but have been doing them for years. I season only one side of the fish with cajun rub, coat both sides in wondra flour…then dip in egg wash, then roll in panko/parm. Rather than trying to flip such a delicate fish, I preheat the cast iron skillet on the stovetop getting the oil smoky hot. Put the fish in the skillet for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on thickness of your fillets). Then transfer to the oven which is preheated and on broil (I use convection broil). Leave in for about 2-3 minutes or panko is brown whichever comes first. I dislike overcooked fish…my rule of thumb is 2 minutes per quarter inch thickness total cooking time…seems to work.

    • I like your take on the broiler! I’ll have to try mine that way some time. And I totally agree on disliking overcooked fish, or really any over cooked meat. Thanks for stopping by Thom and taking the time to leave a comment.

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    I recently had a memorable deep sea fishing trip that left my freezer full of Pacific rock and ling cod. I searched for the perfect simple and quick recipe and found it. Thank you Renee for the clear step by step instructions and everyone that I make it for falls in love fish eaters or not. The ingredients are commonly used items and readily available at most stores. I don’t normally write reviews but this one deserved my attention.

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    After a day deep sea fishing my buddy & I each came home with 10 Rockfish, about 12# of fillets. He fixed a meal at his house on my way home. He is a good cook, but I was disappointed in the meal. Upon arriving home, I froze all the rockfish, wondering if I could find a recipe that would improve the results of our trip. WOW, did I!! This recipe of yours is fantastically easy and delicious. I thawed a package of 3 fillets, which my wife and I ate for three meals! I raved to my buddy about this and have sent the recipe on to him. You saved a lot of fish from going bye-bye the wrong way! Thank you

    • Paul, This makes me so happy!!! I would hate for all that rockfish to go to waste and so glad you came across my post. Don’t forget to also check out my Rockfish Tacos – you can make the fish crispy with this recipe, or grill it on a cedar plank as described in that recipe. I’m also working on some rockfish cakes (like crab cakes) but my supply of rockfish isn’t as plentiful as yours, so it’s a little slow going.

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    Awesome recipe! I substituted Italian bread crumbs for Panko (didn’t have them). Will definitely make this again & again. Oh, I had oven baked asparagus too… very yummy dinner with a side salad.

    • So glad you enjoyed it Melinda!! If you do try it with panko next time, come back and tell me which one you like better! I can’t find a brand of standard breadcrumbs that I like, so short of making my own (which doesn’t happen for a weeknight meal) I stick with panko. I’d love to hear your comparison of the two.

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    I have never before been moved to write a comment on a recipe but this one is too good to pass up. Read your directions and expected to end up with a good meal. Followed your directions to the letter and ended up with a gourmet treat. The crisp, ever so slightly salty crust perfectly sets off the moist flaky fish inside. The assembly line, the oven, and of course the Panko and grated Parmesan made the process painless and the result delightful. I also appreciated your description of the process, which explained why you do it just this way and convinced me to do so as well.
    Thank you.

    • Neil,

      You are welcome. I am so glad you took the time to leave a comment and let me know that it worked so well!! It’s comments like these that make me remember why I do this: so that people like you can make amazing food at home. I’m so glad you loved it.


  40. 5 stars
    This is a restaurant quality meal. The fish was delicious. Using such simple ingredients to create this meal was awesome. Your pictures and directions were very helpful. I know I am going to be making this recipe often. Next time, I am going to heat my cast iron skillet on the BBQ and cook my fish on the BBQ with the lid closed. My oven takes too long to reach the suggested temperature and then to cool down, especially annoying on a hot day like it was today. Thank you for posting this recipe and giving the “from scratch” enthusiasts a quality blog site.

    • Thank you Eieen. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the one negative about this recipe is the hot oven on a hot day. It’s not so bad in Spring or Fall, but in the midst of Summer it can be too much. I think your plan to use the grill will work well. If it does, share it on Instagram and tag me @reneengardner so I can see!

  41. I love this method of “frying” fish! I didn’t have parm, so I used blue cheese instead. So light and delicious. Thanks for sharing!!

  42. 5 stars
    I made the recipe, followed it to a “T” including the iron skillet. I would make it again and again using even other types of fish. I purchased a bit more rockfish than I really needed as I often do misjudge when buying fish. So the extra breaded uncooked fish ready to go I will make fish tacos with tomorrow as Renee suggested..The fish comes out super crispy and not greasy like a fried fish would..

    • Laurie – I am so glad to hear you love this recipe! If you don’t mind, please let me know how the extra fish turns out. Any time I’ve had extra I’ve gone ahead and cooked it, then froze it for later. I’d be very interested in knowing how it kept – did you refrigerate or freeze the breaded fish? Did it turn out as crispy as the fish cooked immediately?

  43. 5 stars
    I am addicted to panko breadcrumbs! I started using them a year or so ago, and prefer them over regular breadcrumbs…I don’t even remember the last time I used regular breadcrumbs. This fish sounds delicious. And so easy for weeknights, it’s perfect!

    • I’m the same way! Before I discovered panko you wouldn’t find breadcrumbs in my pantry. Now, I buy a new box before the old runs out. I hope you get the chance to try this fish!

  44. 5 stars
    Holy Panko Batman! Thank you so much for this recipe!! We recently moved to the PNW and I came upon a great deal for some fresh caught Rockfish. I was unfamiliar with this fish but I bought a large quantity as the price was so good and it was fresh. I packaged it up in multiple pkgs for my freezer. I tried (unsuccessfully) cooking two separate batches. I had avoided cooking the rest for the past couple of months, and was contemplating throwing it all out! (I am a great cook, really…lol) I followed your recipe to the letter, using the coconut oil option and my cast iron skillet. I actually made two batches, as I had packaged the fish in parcels of 4. We LOVE it! I took pics but I don’t see an option to upload them. Anyway, I am forever grateful and will make it this way from now on, and I will not shy away from buying Rockfish in the future! Thank you again!! P.S. So much less mess than pan frying on the stove top! P.P.S. Sorry for such a long review! xoxo

    • Janet,
      Thank you for the long review!! I’m so glad that you not only found a tasty way to use all that rockfish, but I’m glad your family loved it as well. I am new to the PNW as well and can’t wait to get my hands on more of it. It’s still my favorite way to eat it. If you want, post the pics on IG and tag me @reneenicoleskitchen! I’d love to see how they turned out! You can also find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ReneeNicolesKitchen

  45. Exceptional! Crispy, crunchy without all the oil. My guy is gluten free, so I dusted the fish first with gluten free flour, then the egg wash, followed by medium-fine cornmeal. It was amazing.

  46. 5 stars
    This was delicious! I used half of the Bay seasoning since we don’t like spicey food. Because it is a hot summer day, I didn’t want to heat up the kitchen. So I pan fried the fish for about 8 min total with 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil in a non stick pan. The crust was brown and crisp. This is actually fairly easy. I will definitely make it again.

  47. Love this recipe for fish fillets. The crispy crust made all the difference with our rockfish fillet.
    And so easy. Will it work with salmon? Next time….

    • Thanks Betty! It’s still my favorite way to eat fish. I’m not sure if it will work with a salmon filet, since they are cut much thicker. You’d probably end up with the outside cooking too fast and the inside not cooking through. If you do want to try it, I’d cut the salmon filet in half crosswise to make it about as thick as the rockfish. Please come back and let me know if it works!!

  48. This is a great recipe – delicious and easy.
    The panko adds a light crispy taste with great texture
    Thanks for sharing, Renee!

  49. Love this recipe! This is the second time I have made this in 10 days. I do not have a cast iron skillet so I use my calphalon and it came out beautiful.wonderfully crispy and lightly browned! Perfect! Thanks so much for this!!

  50. So very delicious!! Thank you for the amazing recipe!
    It was my first time cooking rock cod (fiance just caught it 3 days ago) and I will definitely be using this recipe again! Even the mother in law who doesn’t eat fish said it was good! thanks again!

    • Thank you Vanessa!! This is still one of my most favorite fish recipes and I’m glad your family enjoyed it. Best wishes to you and your fiance (and I hope you find more recipes to impress your mother-in-law too!)

    • Samantha, Thanks for taking the time to comment! The frying in this recipe actually happens in the oven. As the directions say, you preheat the oven with the pan inside and then add the oil, followed by the fish. In a matter of minutes you have crispy fish fried inside the oven. I hope you enjoy it! – Renee

      • Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by! The first instruction in the recipe card says “Place a 10″ oven safe skillet into the oven and preheat to 425 degrees.” The oven and pan must both be heated to 425 degrees in order for the fish to brown properly. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

        Renee Nicole

      • 5 stars
        As I don’t have a cast iron skillet, I used an old baking sheet but upped the temp to 450. Worked perfectly.

    • If you do not have a cast iron skillet do not make this recipe. At 450 degrees the panko coating will not brown. The fish will be done, but if you want brown crusted fish you’ll be disappointed

      • George is right. The dark color of the cast iron definitely impacts the browning of the panko. If you make it in a stainless steel pan the fish will be cooked, but the breading will only be lightly browned.

      • 5 stars
        You don’t need a cast iron skillet. Used an old “seasoned” baking sheet that I’ve had for 35 years. Covered the base with light olive oil and preheated. My rockfish fillets were a little thicker so needed an extra minute or so but came out golden brown nonetheless..Was devoured by the family with gusto. Definitely a keeper for the family recipe box.

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