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Homemade Cinnamon Twists

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Cinnamon Twists are a buttery, flaky, sweet treat that are great for entertaining all year round. Made with rough puff pastry and just a hint of cinnamon, these homemade treats come together easily with a made from scratch flavor. Whether you are planning a baby shower, bridal shower, afternoon brunch, or a fancy holiday party, your guests won’t be able to resist them! Read on for my tips to get yours just right, or scroll on down to the recipe and get baking!

Square image of cinnamon twists in a white jug, with cinnamon sticks scattered in the front and more cinnamon sticks on a cooling rack in the background.

This recipe first appeared as a holiday guest post on The Melrose Family, but it really is great for entertaining all year round. It was created to satisfy my craving for something sweet to be served with a glass of warm eggnog, but also goes great with an afternoon cup of coffee or tea. 

In satisfying my craving I wanted something light, crispy, and holiday appropriate. My first thought was puff pastry and my second thought was cinnamon. These cinnamon twists soon followed. Once I started researching, I realized that I had obviously been living under a rock, as I found so many different variations for making cinnamon twists. Some use pizza dough, some use yeast roll dough, most of them use store bought puff pastry dough.

The amounts of sugar, butter, and cinnamon varied widely and the methods for coating the dough went from sort of messy all the way to wondering why you are still cleaning up cinnamon a week later. I’ll cover below what works, what doesn’t, and how you can make the right adjustments to get them just perfect for your family.

Overhead shot of cinnamon twists on a baking tray, cooling rack, and serving platter with a red satin napkin.

Puff Pastry

Puff pastry dough was my inspiration for making these cinnamon twists, but that’s not why I say it’s the best. I say it’s the best because of the texture and how easy it is to make and use.

If using a yeast based dough, like pizza dough or yeast roll dough, you have to allow the dough time to rise and let the yeast do it’s thing, and that’s if you buy it premade from the store. If you make it from scratch, it also needs time  to proof before using it.

Puff pastry on the other hand, has no yeast or other leveling agent to make it rise. It puffs up into its namesake texture because the butter reacts with the flour to create layers. So, no matter if you purchase it premade or make it yourself, it’s ready to go straight from the fridge.

If you want to make yours homemade, try my recipe for Rough Puff Pastry, where I use a food processor to cut the butter into the flour instead of a rolling pin. Also called flaky pastry or blitz pastry, the method for rough puff pastry makes the whole process less labor intensive and requires a lot less time – only about 15 minutes on a cold day. If you do choose the homemade route make it in advance and allow it to chill. For me the flavor alone is worth the extra effort.

Process image of rolling out rough puff pastry dough, layering it with cinnamon and sugar, then scoring the pastry sheet to be cut into strips.

How to Coat the Puff Pastry with Cinnamon and Sugar

Many of the recipes I found called for slicing the strips, dipping them in butter, then rolling them in cinnamon and sugar. Not only does this use A LOT more butter and cinnamon sugar blend, but it gets really messy really quick. The twists themselves get pinched and pulled out of shape. The dripping butter causes the sugar to melt and get chunky. Also the sugar tends to stick unevenly, which can lead to burnt tasting parts.

So I flipped the method on its head, adding the butter, cinnamon and sugar before slicing the dough into strips. Use a pastry brush to brush the top with butter, then evenly sprinkle on the cinnamon and sugar. Lightly spread it out with your hand (like flouring a countertop) then start with the edge away from you and roll it towards you.

Flip the pastry sheet so that the cinnamon sugar side is down. The excess cinnamon and sugar that fell off and can be collected for the other side. Repeat the process on the back before slicing your pastry sheet.

Process shot showing unbaked cinnamon twists on a parchment lined sheet and baked cinnamon twists being transferred to a cooling rack.

Cutting and Shaping the Cinnamon Twists

The recipe calls for strips that are one inch wide by 1/8th inch thick, which puff up into beautiful twists. To get even strips, measure and mark both ends of the dough then use a knife to connect the lines. You can also use a pizza cutter for this step.

To make that signature twisty shape, lay them on the baking sheet then give one end one and a half rotations. If needed press the ends into the baking sheet to help them stick. Layering the cinnamon sugar on just the top and bottom gives them the pretty color variation after they bake.

Cinnamon twists in a white jar, on a serving tray, and a cooling rack wth a red satin napkin.

Cinnamon Twists Recipe

Buttery flaky cinnamon twists are a delicious addition to your holiday party, brunch, or get together with the girls. Double the recipe to make more. Best served hot from the oven, but like a good donut I’d still enjoy them a day or two later. Reheat them in the oven or toaster oven for the best results.

For a savory way to use puff pastry dough, check out my Apricot Prosciutto Puff Pastry Braid or browse the rest of my Desserts, Treats, and Snacks.

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Square image of cinnamon twists in a white jug, with cinnamon sticks scattered in the front and more cinnamon sticks on a cooling rack in the background.

Cinnamon Twists

Cinnamon Twists are a buttery, flaky, sweet treat with the taste of homemade. Great for entertaining, add them to the menu for your next brunch, bridal or baby shower, or holiday party.
4.5 stars (34 ratings)
prep: 10 minutes
cook: 20 minutes
Chilling Time: 20 minutes
total: 50 minutes
servings: 10 twists



  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or lightly oil.
  • Roll the pastry sheet into rectangle that is 1/8″ thick – roughly 8″ by 10″. Melt the butter in a small bowl. In a separate small bowl, combine the cinnamon and sugar.
  • Using a pastry brush, lightly coat the top side of the pastry sheet with butter. Sprinkle on the cinnamon sugar mixture with a spoon, then lightly spread out with your hand. Like flouring a countertop.
  • Grab the back edge of the pastry sheet and roll it towards you to flip over. Repeat the previous step with the back side of the pastry sheet, using the excess cinnamon and sugar that fell off as needed.
  • To create ten eight inch strips, score the pastry sheet along the long side at one inch intervals. Repeat with the opposite end of the pastry sheet, then use a knife or pizza cutter to connect the marks.
  • Place the strips on the parchment lined cookie sheet. Hold one end of the first strip down and rotate the other end one and a half times. Repeat with remaining strips.
  • Chill the twists for 20 minutes. – DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP –
  • While the dough is chilling, preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Bake the chilled strips for 18 – 20 minutes, until puffed and golden brown.

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*If using homemade puff pastry dough, it must chill for an hour minimum before making these twists.


Serving: 1twistCalories: 197kcal

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