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Turkey Avocado Club Sandwich

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Turkey Avocado Club Sandwich: turkey, bacon, gouda, avocado, and spicy sweet sriracha sauce layered on toasty seared sourdough bread. When it comes to a sandwich, this is as close to perfect as it gets.

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Today, Renee Nicole’s Kitchen is officially 5 months old! In the past few months we have covered a lot of ground here in the kitchen, from main entrees and full meals, to side dishesbreakfast, and desserts. With so many delicious dishes coming out of the kitchen, would you believe that I have overlooked the sandwich?? No, not just any sandwich, but my favorite sandwich: the turkey avocado club sandwich.

This sandwich is pan seared like a grilled cheese and layered with deli sliced gouda, avocado, bacon, spicy sweet sriracha sauce, and of course turkey. My go to turkey for this sandwich is Oscar Mayer Selects Natural applewood smoked turkey breast. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for quality cold cuts that have no artificial ingredients and delicious taste.

This club sandwich starts out with freshly baked sourdough bread. The chewy crust and dense crumb means that sourdough bread is a bit more durable when toasted and stuffed. Nobody likes a sandwich that falls apart before they can eat it.

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Pick up a loaf of fresh bread in the bakery at the grocery and cut it into 3/4″ thick slices. Cutting on a bias (at an angle) maximizes the surface area but the slices are smaller across than what you find in a standard loaf of bread. This means you can pile the toppings thicker without going overboard. The bread gets toasted in a frying pan with a bit of butter just like you would for a grilled cheese.

Bakery bread will only last a day or two at most. If you aren’t using the rest of the loaf soon, place it in a zip top bag and freeze it. Over the next couple of weeks it’s easy to pull out a couple of slices at a time and let them thaw at room temperature for 5 minutes prior to use. They still taste like bakery fresh bread, but you don’t have to eat the whole loaf at once.

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The turkey has the starring role in this club sandwich and as I mentioned above I use Oscar Mayer Selects Natural applewood smoked turkey breast. I heat the turkey in the frying pan right next to the bread before piling on top of the cheese.

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Below the turkey goes a slice of creamy smoked gouda and on top of the turkey goes the bacon. At our house, when I make bacon I like to cook the whole pound at once. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, lay out the bacon in a single layer, and bake for 12 – 15 minutes (for the thick stuff) in a 350 degree oven. Super easy to do and no grease splatters to clean up until it’s time to clean the inside of your oven.

We used some for breakfast, I shared a slice with Tuck, and put the rest away for various uses throughout the week including this sandwich. You can also opt for pre-cooked bacon, or quickly fry or microwave a slice just for this sandwich.

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You only need a teaspoons of the spicy sweet sriracha sauce on the top slice of the bread. It’s a very thin spread so the bread will absorb most of it.

Next to the sauce goes the avocado. You only need about 1/6 of an avocado for this sandwich. You can slice it, but it stays in place much better if you mash it. I use the flat of the knife blade and the cutting board to save on extra dishes.

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I served my sandwich with a very simple, garden fresh, rubbed kale salad. My kale plants started flourishing these past couple of weeks and I have more kale than I know what to do with! One of my favorite (and most basic) ways to enjoy kale is to rub the leaves with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil. Let it sit for 10 – 20 minutes then toss with a splash of golden balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. It makes a delicious side salad to help create a balanced lunch.

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Toasted Turkey Avocado Club Sandwich

Turkey, bacon, gouda, avocado, and spicy sweet sriracha sauce layered on toasty seared sourdough bread. When it comes to a sandwich, this turkey avocado club sandwich is as close to perfect as it gets.
4.6 stars (5 ratings)
prep: 7 minutes
cook: 3 minutes
total: 10 minutes
servings: 1 sandwich


  • 2 slices of sourdough bread
  • 1 tsp butter
  • 4 slices of smoked turkey breast
  • 1 slice of cooked bacon
  • 1 slice of smoked gouda
  • 2 teaspoons spicy sweet sriracha sauce
  • 1/3 an avocado – smashed


  • Heat a medium sized frying pan over medium heat. Add butter and swirl to melt.
  • Place bread slices into pan, pressing gently to absorb butter.
  • Layer the slice of cheese onto the bottom slice of bread, breaking in half as necessary to fit.
  • Place turkey slices into the pan next to the bread and let it heat for 30 seconds. Flip the turkey over and heat for another 30 seconds.
  • Pile hot turkey on top of cheese.
  • Continue to toast the bread, until it turns a medium golden brown color.
  • Carefully remove bread from the pan. Add the layer of bacon on top of the turkey.
  • Spread the sriracha sauce on to the top slice of bread, then layer on the smashed avocado.
  • Slice the sandwich in half if desired and serve.

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Serving: 1Calories: 796kcalCarbohydrates: 85gProtein: 43gFat: 32gSaturated Fat: 11gPolyunsaturated Fat: 16gCholesterol: 123mgSodium: 3020mgFiber: 8gSugar: 14g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated and is for general information purposes only. For the most accurate information, calculate using your select brands and exact measurements.

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