About Me

Hello and welcome to Renee Nicole’s Kitchen!

I aim to create kitchen confidence to inspire home cooks to become home chefs.

We use tested kitchen tips and seasonal ingredients to teach food lovers how to create delicious, from-scratch meals and the occasional indulgent delight.

Please have a look below for additional information on working with me on sponsored posts, recipe development, food photography, or as a brand ambassador.

To contact Renee N Gardner, email renee@reneenicoleskitchen.com.

About Renee

Hi! I’m Renee Gardner, the founder of Renee Nicole’s Kitchen. When I’m not developing recipes for the blog, you’ll find me doing the dishes, trying to understand social media, or practicing food photography.

I am a big believer in self-care and doing things you enjoy. That includes spending time with my husband, son, and two Goldendoodles. Sometimes that means going out on adventures in the Pacific Northwest, but it also means lounging on the couch with a glass of wine in comfy clothes. I enjoy wine-tasting weekends, bubble baths, romance novels, and podcasts about murder mysteries and personal growth. I also loves food.

I also write on a variety of topics, including food, travel, and self-care, for Food Drink Life, a digital lifestyle magazine.

My Inspiration for RNK

When I first launched this blog in 2015, I intended to help others learn how to cook. While that sounds like a fundamental goal, it was more complicated than expected.

Growing up, my late mother taught me the basics and helped create the foundation for my love of food. The spark she lit inspired me to learn more, so I taught myself. I learned more advanced fundamentals thanks to Alton Brown and growing up when cooking shows were less about competitions and more about food.

My life has taken several turns through the years, but the one that had the most significant impact on my love of food was the time I spent in Napa, CA. My experience in the wine industry, and the subsequent exposure to fancy foods, took my love of food to a whole new level.

It wasn’t just eating the five-course winery dinners that sparked my passion; it was planning the five-course winery dinners: the date night, fancy dinners for two at some of the best restaurants in the country.

It was also exposure to the back of the house and how these inspired dishes are created. These aren’t just any dishes I’m talking about; these are the dishes you make for the love of eating—the stuff you want to make to impress your foodie friends. 

My time in Napa helped me to learn that accepting my love of fancy things is okay and that while my true passion in the kitchen lies in the gourmet, to get there, you have to be confident in the kitchen, which is what I hope to inspire in my readers.

Among other things, you must understand how to time the elements of a meal, fix your errors, and adapt a recipe to what you have on hand. You also have to learn how to do these things sustainably and without going broke.

Today my inspirations are magazines like Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, and Gourmet, with a healthy helping of Serious Eats for expanding my kitchen knowledge. With all, I’ve learned, the thing that shaped my cooking style the most is the practice of trial and error.

About The Food

As an at-home cook, I believe that food should be accessible, natural, and delicious; and that the healthiest diet is the one you cook for yourself. This means buying food in its original form and creating something unique. 

I believe that “healthy” is a term that should imply that what you eat is good for you because it is delicious and nutritious, not because it follows a current food fad. Where your calories come from is essential, but I still love the occasional dessert.

On my blog, you will find real sugar, full-fat treats that I enjoy in moderation. You won’t find recipes containing ingredients with unnecessary additives, preservatives, or sugar substitutes. I think these are okay to eat, but I don’t use them, so I can’t advise you on how to use them. 

I often cook with beer, wine, or even bourbon. Pasta in an herbed white wine cream sauce is my weakness. If you prefer to avoid those ingredients, you can check the blog post’s text for substitutions or to find out if they can be omitted altogether. While I might know what’s missing, no one at your table will ever guess. 

I try to keep the blog’s focus on the food, but if you want to see more of the personal connection between the food and my family, sign up for the Sunday Spotlight. My newsletter lets you know the behind-the-scenes of what’s happening at Renee Nicole’s Kitchen.

The Photography

I take all the photos on this website. If you are a fellow food blogger and would like to share any of my images on your website, like in a roundup post, please do not alter the photos in any way. This includes removing watermarks, cropping, or editing for color or tone.

All shares must include proper credit back to me with a direct link to the original post on my blog.

Recipe Copyright

Please do not repost my recipes or any part or entirety of the written content on your website without prior written consent.

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Work With Me

I am available as a brand ambassador and for sponsored posts on Renee Nicole’s Kitchen. These partnerships allow me to work with brands I know, trust, and use in my home. If you have a product that fits my food philosophy and would like to talk about a sponsored post opportunity, please email me at renee@reneenicoleskitchen.com to request my media kit and for more information.

I also offer recipe development and food photography on a freelance basis. If you have a restaurant or food brand that needs fresh photography or help developing recipes for commercial use, please contact me at renee@reneenicoleskitchen.com to further discuss.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope to inspire you to get into the kitchen and find your passion for food. If you are new to the blog, check out my Kitchen Essentials page for the essential culinary tools that stock my kitchen. Are you ready to dive right in? Start Here or check out some of my personal favorites: