Raspberry Smoothie

With a delicious sweet-tart flavor, this five-ingredient raspberry smoothie recipe is full of simple, nutritional ingredients.


– Raspberries  – Banana – Greek yogurt – Milk – Oats

Step-by-step instructions!

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Grab your blender and scale. Place your jar, if using an immersion blender, or blender pitcher, if using a countertop blender, onto the scale and zero it out


Measure your ingredients into the container, one at a time, zeroing out the scale between additions.


Once everything is in, blend until smooth and creamy. Enjoy.


Simply swapping the dairy milk and yogurt for your favorite plant-based versions like almond milk or coconut milk will make this smoothie vegan and dairy-free.

How can I make the vegan or dairy-free?

Optional Smoothie Add-ins

Don’t like raspberries? Swap them for blackberries. Prefer avocado over a banana? Use that instead! Like your smoothie extra thick and cold? Use all frozen fruit.

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