Kiwi Smoothie

This easy kiwi smoothie recipe is a tropical take on a classic green smoothie. We also throw in some flax seed for a nutritional boost of extra fiber.

The green color comes from the kiwi and the spinach, while the delicious tropical fruit flavor comes from a combination of strawberry, banana, and mango.


– kiwi – strawberries  – mango – banana – baby spinach

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.

Enjoy immediately.


Both fresh and frozen fruit work well in this smoothie. For a thicker smoothie, try using frozen fruit and ice cubes in place of the water.

Tips for Success

For a thicker smoothie – Use frozen fruit and add just enough to thin out the smoothie as needed.

If your smoothie is too thick 

Add more milk or thin it out with some water.

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