Chocolate Bark

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"Spider web chocolate bark is an easy homemade Halloween treat from two ingredients. Includes both stove top and microwave directions."

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decoration ideas

– Plastic or candy spiders – Halloween inspired sprinkles or candy corns – bug shaped icing decorations caught in the webbing – edible candy leaves – dried fruit or nuts

– 18 ounces dark or milk chocolate - 3 cups of chips – 3 ounces white chocolate - 1/2 cup chips

Spider Web Chocolate Bark


14 Servings

prep time

15  minutes

total time

1 Hour 15 Minutes


Easy to Make


Melt the chocolate –  If you’ve never done this before, click on "get the recipe" to learn how!

Make the dark chocolate base. Melt the dark chocolate then spread it into a thick layer on a foil or parchment lined baking sheet.

Add the white chocolate circles. Melt the white chocolate, load it into a piping bag

Create the spider web design. Use a toothpick to feather the white chocolate across the dark chocolate to form the spider web pattern.

Dip the tooth pick in the center dot and draw it straight out through the circles. Repeat around the circles as many or as few times as your creative heart desires.

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