Classic Mint Julep Cocktail

“Made with fresh mint, granulated sugar, crushed ice, and bourbon, the classic mint julep is a tasty addition to your cocktail rotation.”

- Renee Nicole's Kitchen


– 3 - 4 fresh mint leaves – 10 - 12 ounces crushed ice – 1 teaspoon granulated sugar – 2 ounces Kentucky bourbon


1 Cocktail

prep time

5 Minutes

total time

5 Minutes

Classic Mint  Julep Cocktail

1. Tear the mint leaves in half and place in the bottom of the glass.


2. Add the sugar and a few chunks of crushed ice on top, then muddle it all together to break up the mint and release the oils.


3. Add ice to fill the glass 3/4 of the way, add the bourbon, then stir until the glass begins to frost up and condensation forms on the outside.


4. Top with more ice and an additional spring of mint. Serve immediately.



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