How to Make a Bacon Weave

"With just a few minutes you can easily assemble a Bacon Weave, perfect for adding a bit of sophistication to your next burger or BLT. This technique is also great for turning pork shoulders, beef roasts, or even your Thanksgiving turkey into a bacon wrapped delight!"


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– 1 lb or more of thin sliced bacon – Optional: aluminum foil to line pan


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How to Make  a Bacon Weave



1. Optional: If using, line your baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment.


2. Determine the desired size for your bacon weave. For sandwich sized, square weaves, cut the bacon slices in half. For large square weaves to cover a roast chicken or pork shoulder leave the bacon long. For a rectangular-shaped weave, cut half the bacon in half and leave the other half long. Alternatively, cut each slice as you need it.


3. On your baking sheet, layout half of the bacon to create the vertical part of the bacon weave. The bacon slices should be touching.


4. Starting at the top left, weave the first slice of horizontal bacon so that it goes under then over each piece of vertical bacon. Weave the next slice of horizontal bacon just below the previous slice, starting this one over (the opposite as the previous slice) and continue to weave across each piece of vertical bacon. The slices should be touching. Repeat until your weave, alternating rows starting with under and over, until it reaches the desired size.


5. Place the bacon weave into a cold oven, then heat to 375 degrees.


6. For bacon that is just crispy enough to hold it upright, it should take between 18 - 25 minutes* once the oven has preheated. Ovens heat at different rates. Bacon in a quick heating oven will need more additional time than bacon in a slow heating oven. Check bacon for doneness once the oven is preheated and adjust the time accordingly for desired crispiness.


7. When finished, promptly remove bacon from the pan and drain on paper towels.


8. For easy clean up: carefully pour liquid bacon grease into a mug and allow to cool. Use paper towels to wipe remaining bacon grease from the pan prior to washing. DO NOT pour bacon grease down the sink, it should be disposed of in the trash.


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