How to Make a Bacon Weave

With just a few minutes, you can easily assemble a Bacon Weave, perfect for adding a bit of sophistication to your next burger or BLT.

This technique is also great for turning pork shoulders, beef roasts, or even your Thanksgiving turkey into a bacon-wrapped delight!


– bacon

Prepare the pan.

If using, line the pan with aluminum foil, crimping the sides upward to help prevent the bacon grease from getting under the foil once it melts.

Lay out the horizontal slices.

Working directly on your baking sheet, lay out half of the bacon horizontally. Each slice should be touching, but not overlapping, the slice next to it.

Weave the vertical bacon slices.

Starting at the top left, weave the first slice of bacon so that it goes over and then under each piece of horizontal bacon.

Weave the next slice just to the right of the previous slice, starting this one under the top horizontal slice and weaving in the opposite pattern of the first slice.


Place the woven bacon in a cold oven. Heat to 375 degrees and bake until crispy and cooked through.

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